Every project we undertake should be an advert for our business and we treat it as such. NerG start by listening to your requirements and respond by designing a tailored biomass heating solution which can benefit your business. Starting with a detailed feasibility study which assesses financial viability we can help you decide whether biomass heating is right for you. Following a successful feasibility study our team of highly trained engineers design and install your system using proven top quality components from the best manufacturers. Once your installation is complete our team of experienced then complete your RHI application.

Froling Quality

NerG supply a full range of boilers from Froling, who for five decades have specialised in the efficient use of wood as an energy source. Froling offer complete biomass heating system solutions designed for a high output, trouble free long working life. Froling design and manufacture every boiler component in their state of the art Austrian factory.



System Design

NerG’s engineering expertise allow us to design your biomass heating system so that is appropriately sized and integrated into your heating and electrical systems. This is crucial to provide reliable, trouble free and efficient operation throughout the systems life. Every installation is bespoke to perfectly meet your heating requirements providing the best and most cost effective performance.

Trouble Free Installation

Every project we complete is an advert for our business. We pride ourselves offering a professional and efficient installation service which causes the minimum of disruption to your business. All projects are installed using NerG’s own team of factory trained installation engineers using the best quality systems and components.



RHI Application

NerG make applying for RHI payments simple. Before work commences NerG ensure that your installation meets the detailed requirements of the Governments RHI scheme. Once your installation NerG complete your RHI application is complete saving time and hassle. NerG can also help with ongoing RHI enquiries and assist with the ongoing fuel and servicing requirements.

Project Feasibility

Before you committing to a biomass heating installation NerG are able to help you assess and evaluate the financial viability of the project. NerG can produce a detailed feasibility study which balances installation, fuel, financing and servicing costs against potential fuel savings and RHI income.