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We’ve installed hundreds of heat networks across Lincolnshire, ranging from a few houses around a farm up to huge networks, almost 1 km across with multiple properties.

We have the proven capability and track record to not only design but also install your complete heat network. We use a combination of underground insulated piping and above-ground distribution pipe.

We design systems that run with the maximum possible efficiency by ensuring consumers provide the lowest possible return temperatures. In doing this we can run the pipes at lower temperatures and lose less heat to places we don’t want it. We also save electricity bills by designing pump systems that run at the lowest speed possible, to get the heat to where it is needed and even switch off when it is not.

Clever use of controls can allow us to incorporate the latest technology in the way of heating control systems. By linking controllers in each of the heat users, we are able to transport heat at the lowest temperature required to run the network.

Traditional networks circulate huge quantities of high-temperature water all the time even when there is no need.

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District Heating


We provide a full design service for new district heating networks in Lincolnshire as well as designing extensions to existing networks.



Our engineers are fully trained and certified to install District Heating networks, from full turnkey to pipework installations in Lincolnshire.



If you require any maintenance to your District Heating network in Lincolnshire our experienced are available to ensure it all runs as required.

The Benefits of District Heating Lincolnshire

NerG Heat & Power Solutions

District heating provides a range of benefits creating a reliable solution that has financial and environmental benefits.

Battery Storage Lincolnshire


Using renewable technologies, district heating can be eligible for government subsidies. Renewable technologies come with a wider range of fuels at a lower cost being available. These also have reduced maintenance and operational costs compared to traditional heating systems.

Battery Storage Lincolnshire


With regular planned servicing the use of renewable heating technologies provides a reliable heating solution.

Battery Storage Lincolnshire


District heating provides a dramatic increase in the efficiency of the combined heat and power network. With the option of using renewable energy sources this can also lead to a decrease in emissions as well.

Our Latest Projects

Biomass, CHP, Solar & District Heating

Building an ongoing relationship with our clients who trust us with their business is the goal, which is why we work incredibly hard to solve our customers queries to the highest standards. This is the reason we continue to work with 97% of our customers postinstallation. 

Glowing reviews are the blue skies to our Solar PV systems, they aren’t essential, but we thrive on them. Read our customer stories to see how working with NerG can reduce your heat and power costs as well as reduce your carbon output.  


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