NerG help you save (big) money on Heat and Electricity with CHP

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems use an engine to simultaneously generate both electricity and useful heat – with efficiencies of up to 95%. This can amount to huge savings on both your electric and heating costs.

NerG are the premier UK installers of the INDOP Combined Heat and Power systems – the most cost effective and reliable CHP systems on the market.

The Problem

High Heat and Electrical Costs

These can be immense, almost crippling, for some businesses. There are many different solutions on offer in the market, some small, some large.

Combined heat and power is often overlooked when so many Government subsidies have been on offer.

That is now changing and there is a growing realisation of just how effective CHP can be – in the right situation.


Our Solutions


These Mini CHP units use simple and reliable Toyota engines to convert natural gas or LPG into a steady electrical output. The heat generated can then be used for any hot water requirements, or technological.

The Mini Combined Heat and Power is ideal for:

  • Hotels and spas
  • Leisure centres
  • Care homes
  • Dairies, growers and nurseries
  • Other agricultural businesses
  • Large and small production plants
  • Residential blocks and district heating
  • Anyone with continuous high heat and power usage.


Sizes from 6kW – 20kW

  • On line monitoring
  • Customer friendly interface
  • Low noise level
  • Reliable Siemens Electronics
  • Security module
  • Easy to install and integrate into existing heating system


The INDOP Macro CHP plant is designed for high energy users who can achieve substantial energy efficiency savings with onsite electrical generation.

Using MAN engines they are available as indoor units or in containers and can be custom designed for a variety of applications.

The Macro Combined Heat and Power system is ideal for:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools & Universities
  • Horticultural businesses
  • Agricultural Businesses
  • Residential Blocks
  • District Heating
  • Leisure Centres (with swimming pools)
  • Food and Drink Industry
  • Anyone with high Heat and Power usage


Sizes 50kW – 500Kw+

Available in an acoustic chamber or as a fully containerised system.

Our CHP Installation Package

Stuart Robinson and his team at NerG deliver a turnkey combined heat and power solution that addresses your specific site needs from system design, to installation, and ongoing maintenance.

The most important part of developing a design proposal is to understand the heat and power profiles of the client – every hour of the day.

It is possible for CHP to deliver some huge savings, but only if it is carefully matched to the actual usage of the client. This is where the expertise of Stuart is vitally important.

After your initial contact with us, we proceed as follows:

  • First we must do an in depth study of your actual power consumption – ideally on a half hour basis over a two year period (we help to get the figures).
  • We also need to understand your business – how the power and heat are used and if there any other ways to cut your costs. We also need to know if you have expansion plans.
  • Only then can we, with confidence, come up with a detailed analysis of the optimum system size, how it will be integrated into your existing system, and how it will be run.
  • Based on all the above, we will present our findings to you with our recommendations.


Stuart Robinson
Technical Director


Ben Covell
General Manager

And if you would like us to carry out the works then we will do the entire job, using our own skilled and trusted workforce.

When we have finished we will explain the system and how to maximise its benefits. We offer a full, long term, Combined Heat and Power Service and Maintenance agreement.

And we are always there to answer any questions or solve any problems you may experience.

For more information and to see how we can help you, please get in touch.


01427 838 020


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How we monitor your CHP Systems

Keeping a watchful eye on the operation of your CHP is a vital part of the NerG service.

For a small annual fee the INDOP factory offer a full Monitoring System for your CHP system. This web based system collects key information about the unit and immediately reports any defects or deficiencies in the operation of the CHP.

The information includes generated electricity and heat, achieved efficiency rates, fuel consumption and errors during operation.

Layer 5

Layer 4

Examples of the savings that can be achieved

If you have a year round demand for both heat and electrical power CHP units will make substantial savings. Here are just a few examples:

A hotel with a swimming pool

Indop CHP Micro systems work particularly well where there is a continuous heat load throughout the year. A hotel has hot water demand for showers and perhaps a swimming pool or spa area.

Current Oil Spend:
Current Electricity Spend:
Fit and Indop CHP20:
LPG Gas Cost:
£12, 300
Benefit Per Year:
£18,300 (after maintenance)

Hotel with a pool

A food processing factory

Food processing factories frequently use huge amounts of heat year round, perhaps for cooking or for cleaning processes. As an example a dairy pasteurising milk products.

Current Oil Spend:
Current Electricity Spend:
Fit and Indop CHP20:
LPG Gas Cost:
Benefit Per Year:
£271,500 (after maintenance)


A flower growing nursery/greenhouse

Most greenhouses use heat throughout the year either as space heating, drying or as cleaning water. By fitting a 150M Indop CHP we are able make very significant savings to normal energy bills.

Current Oil Spend:
Current Electricity Spend:
Fit and Indop CHP20:
LPG Gas Cost:
Benefit Per Year:
£117,000 (after maintenance)


Who can benefit most from CHP?

Natural gas or LPG powered combined heat and power plant is designed to run for long hours. Ideally this would be for at least 16 hours and ideally up to 24 hours a day. To do this it is vital that the unit is sized correctly to be able to supply the base heat and electrical loads.

If the site heat load falls below the CHP heat output then the surplus heat can be stored in accumulator or buffer tanks. However if there is no demand for this stored heat then the unit will either switch off or the surplus heat will need to be rejected. This is not recommended as being cost effective.

If the electrical site load drops below the CHP output then there are three possible outcomes. The CHP power could be exported under a pre-agreed agreement (this however seldom works and is usually not financially beneficial), the CHP can modulate down a bit to meet demand, or the plant will shut off.

From the above it can be seen that those who can benefit most from CHP have high base heat loads as well as continual electrical demand.



Pool In A Hotel 2

Factory 2

Hotel with a pool



If you would like to contact us we can give you some immediate advice, even over the phone, as to whether it makes sense for you to consider CHP. Call 01427 838 020 now.


What grants or incentives are available?

Neither the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) nor the Feed in Tariff (FIT) schemes are available for Combined Heat and Power.

There is a very good reason for this. Combined Heat and Power makes for a very sound investment and there is no requirement for Government subsidies to make it viable. There are lots of advantages to this – no ongoing auditing, no submission of figurers and no risk of the Government reversing its arrangements.

CHP can however be eligible for the Enhanced Capital Allowance. The only requirement is that the installation is certified as Good Quality CHP by CHPQA, administered by DECC. As your CHP installers, NerG will ensure that your CHP installation would qualify (subject to all conditions being met).


If you would like to speak to any of our clients for their opinion on our service then please let us know. We would be happy to put you in touch with a selection of them.


NerG work in partnership with a leading financial provider who can come up with a financial package to suit your cash flow situation. The terms are always highly competitive. We can supply full details on request.