Commercial Biomass Boiler System Design & Installation

If you’re a business looking to reduce your fuel bills and generate income from the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), you are in the right place. NerG helps businesses, large and small, take advantage of the biomass boiler and renewable energy revolution.

How we help

We are a UK based renewable energy installation business that focuses on achieving an ROI for customers. Our engineering team designs and installs highly efficient biomass heating and combined heat and power (CHP) systems. We help with:

  • A full assessment of the costs and returns to help you make the right decision and ensure you can achieve an ROI
  • Help with completion of the RHI application with ongoing assistance and support, also ensuring the installed system meets RHI scheme requirements
  • A system that is designed specifically for you by our highly trained expert engineers. You get the perfect system for your needs
  • A trouble free, professional and efficient service with minimum disruption to you and your business
  • Sound engineering and technical expertise; the foundation of our service ensuring design, installation and servicing is tailored to your business.

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  • THE BEST BOILERS – We chose Froling boilers, manufactured in Austria for over 60 years, simply because they are the best. They are extremely well built and come with expert back up.
  • THE BEST SYSTEMS – We design systems to be as simple as possible. By doing so, we make them reliable. It’s important to make your boiler or CHP system easy to use.
  • THE BEST STAFF – We have a great team of professional staff who want to do a really good job. Our pride comes from making customers happy.
  • THE BEST ADVICE – We understand big plumbing and we understand the RHI. Whether it’s a new system design or troubleshooting another company’s install we can sort it out for you.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend NerG”
“They know their stuff – and they care”
“We’d been baffled by 2 other companies. NerG made sense.”
“Completely competent – and dead straight to deal with”


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